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Based at the World Headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys in Frisco, Texas, Complexity fields world-class esports teams in CS:GO, Halo, Fortnite, Valorant, APEX Legends, Hearthstone, Madden, World of Warcraft, Magic the Gathering: Arena, and FIFA. Over the past 20 years, Complexity has won over 140 championships in nearly 30 game franchises. Complexity’s player-first mentality, passion, professionalism, and innovation is what distinguishes them as a global leader in modern esports.


Zoned Gaming is a marketing agency dedicated to bridging the gap between gaming and pop-culture. They work with endemic and non endemic brands alike, helping them identify their lane and build equity in the constantly changing world of gaming and esports.


The Gaming Community Network (GCN) fully integrates the highest reaching and most popular Gaming & Esport community sites, content producers, influencers, and tournament/event operators with the most current & optimized revenue resources for digital, video (VOD & streaming), influencer, social, mobile, and experiential to maximize revenue and consumer engagement.


Code Red Esports works with publishers, tournament organizers, esports teams, broadcasters, sports clubs, investors, and endemic and non-endemic brands. No matter if you are already in esports or looking to invest in esports, Code Red can help you.


Rooted in gaming, youth, and popular culture, Fourth Frame Studios is a multidisciplinary creative and production studio that specializes in telling stories for a multi-dimensional audience. we build meaningful and diverse content systems fueled by best-in-class creatives and production resources, that truly get what gamers want.

Fourth Frame Studios

Mission Supply operates at the intersection of gaming, esports, and fashion design filling a need for fans seeking high quality merchandise that reps their favorite teams, orgs, and brands within the gaming ecosystem by providing merchandise and consumer product design, marketing, and sales consultation to brands and esports organizations seeking to reach the large and growing gaming demographic.

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